Troubleshooting & Repairs

Taking measurements of the circuit to analyze the condition of the wiring.

When things go wrong with our electrical and lighting systems, it affects our ability to live. Just about everything in our modern lives requires power, yet we tend to take it for granted until our lives are interrupted, until the lights stop glowing and the outlet stops working.

At Switched Electric we have built our business to “Help” our customers and clients. We specialize in helping our clients to get back to normal, with everything working as it should. Service and repairs are our specialty.

With thousands of hours of experience working on the homes and businesses located throughout the Central Valley we have the expertise to get just about any problem located and repaired.

This was a service call where the owner had flickering lights in the home. The problem was located at the electrical panel box, the circuit breakers had failed and melted the panel in the process. It required the entire box to be replaced.

Whether it is something that seems relatively simple, such as a single outlet not working on a wall, or a light switch that sometimes works, and then sometimes it doesn’t, electrical and lighting issues should be addressed as swiftly as possible. In the above photo something as simple as a yearly maintenance program and inspection of the property could have saved thousands in repair bills.

Here is a measurement of 62 volts when it should be reading 120 volts. This shows we have a poor connection somewhere. 

Click here for information about our residential electrical maintenance programs.

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