Our Mission

At Switched Electric we believe that there is a better way to connect and deliver to our clients. A simpler and cooler way to do business, one where we earn the respect and satisfaction of those who we serve.

We are passionate about our customers safety, happiness, family, and their homes. We strive to deliver the best work possible, with unique solutions to both new & older homes.

We have a focus on bringing comfort, convenience, and safety to the residential and commercial electrical needs of communities we serve. This creates an opportunity for us to connect with our customers, creating clients for life.

Our Promise

  • Cost Guarantee – Our customers have the right to know what a project will cost, before any work is performed. We will provide our clients with a complete price before any work and/or repairs are made. This ensures a mutual understanding of the investment amount necessary for the betterment of a customers electrical and lighting systems.
  • Cleanliness, Care & Respect – Our customers have the right to know that Switched Electric will treat your home with the upmost care and cleanliness during the construction process. We make sure to use tarps, drop cloths, and seal up dust with plastic when necessary. Each day you will know who will be in your home, when they arrive, and when they leave. The right to know that your home, possessions, pets, and family members will be safe and secure as we work.
  • Certainty of Time – You have the right for respect of your time. What does that mean? When you contact Switched Electric, we will reply to all phone calls, emails and texts within 2 hours during normal business hours. After hours and weekends will have their respective communications returned within the first two hours of normal business hours. Switched Electric will also provide a realistic timeframe for the completion of a project for all contracts signed. That means we will do all we can to ensure that the normal inconveniences of project will be minimized.
  • Code Plus Installations – You have the ring to know that all the work performed by Switched Electric will be designed and installed in compliance with all current codes and regulations, exceeding the standards of our industry.
  • Open Communication – You have the right to know that your opinions, thoughts, and concerns are of the utmost importance to us and that we wish you to communicate them to us. You have the right to know that we will listen to all of your concerns, questions, and ideas. Remember, this is your home, your dream, and even more, it is your life. Your voice and input are a critical part of the process and you deserve to be heard.
  • Quality – You have the right to quality products and superior craftsmanship. As a premium electrical contractor Switched Electric knows what products and methods will stand the test of time, and we choose to implement and use them. This is one of the reasons we can stand behind our installations with great warranties.
  • Warranty – You have the right to know that your investment will be backed up with not only quality work but with a great warranty. We take such pride in the quality of our workmanship that we can stand behind our work. We offer a tiered warranty system for our products to fit the various needs, budgets, and comfort levels of our clients.

Our Soul

Switched Electric was started in 2010 by Seth. He has over 20+ years of experience doing all aspects of electrical work, from Hospitals, Schools, Data Centers, Residential Homes, Apartment Complexes, Seth brings the expertise and passion of that 20+ years and gives his all to his clients.

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